There is an honorable way to win all the wars that are currently
being waged against the American people such as the wars on drug
owners, gun owners, gamblers, sex workers, and millions of other
Americans who have been declared criminals by the thousands of
laws that criminalize peaceful behavior and basic human rights.
Every person who advocates any of these prohibition wars should
be required to meet with a defender of freedom on the Field of
Honor. I suggest pistols at point blank range so that no war
monger can weasel out of his duty. Thus, every illegalizer and
every other war advocate would be given a choice to volunteer for
combat or shut up.

One volunteer from each side will meet on the Field. When that
contest is over, another will begin. The war will be over and the
winner determined when one side runs out of volunteers. There
will be no civilian casualties or innocent victims. Likewise,
there will be no property damage or destruction. And, the
taxpayers will no longer be forced to pay a trillion dollars
every year to prosecute these unjust, prohibition wars.

I predict that this war will be the shortest war in history with an easy
victory for freedom and very little blood. Why? Because requiring the
war mongers to fight will cause 99% of all the drug fighters, gun
grabbers, and other illegalizers to voluntarily disappear. It would be
like turning on a light in a dark room and watching the cockroaches run
for cover. Why? Because enemies of freedom, like all other violent
thugs, are not honorable people. Their idea of a fair fight is to employ
a dozen government goons to point a dozen guns at one head.

A sure way to win or prevent all wars against freedom is to
require the war advocates to fight. In fact, that requirement
would end all wars. Would President Obama meet on the Field of
Honor with President Assad? Would Bush do combat with Saddam?
Would Clinton fight Milosevic to the death? Would anyone of those
phonies send their children to fight their wars for world
domination and the control of natural resources? No, but they
would gladly donate other people’s lives, liberties, and money.

Contrary to what is taught in government controlled schools and
media, Freedom is not thousands of pages of laws, taxes, rules,
regulations, licences, permits, fees, and mandates. Freedom is
the absence of government control. Freedom means that there are
only three laws, the natural laws that prohibit assault, theft,
and disturbing the peace. Freedom means that peaceful human
beings who exercise their natural rights to life, liberty, and
the pursuit of happiness are not criminals. Freedom means that
the police are only authorized to arrest real criminals who
commit real crimes.

Drug fighters, gun grabbers, and other illegalizers are criminals
because they kill, assault, rob, arrest, and even murder peaceful
human beings. They are also terrorists because they target

In fact, the people who founded this country were smugglers, gun
owners, and tax resistors who did not recognize the authority of
any government to interfere with honest trade, peaceful behavior,
or the right to bear arms. Ultimately, they refused to be stopped
and searched for guns and contraband. These facts are the origin
of the Second and Fourth Amendments, the heart and soul of this
Republic. Thus, drug fighters, gun grabbers, and their fellow
illegalizers are traitors in addition to being violent criminals
and terrorists.

About the Author: Richard G. Eramian is a member of the world-wide freedom movement.  He defends the universal and Constitutional principle of individual liberty and personal responsibility.  Rick  [Freedom_First (at) verizon (dot) net]


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